The Benefits of Bonded Internet

Are your customers complaining about their networks? If their access connections are too slow or go off-line too often, then Bonded Internet is right for them. Simply plug multiple connections into a CPE device, and give them the very best of networking today.


Multi-Carrier Bonding

Bond any number of connections – of the same, or different types.


Accelerate applications to improve bandwidth usability.

Same-IP Failover

Fail-over from one connection to the next, without changing the public IP address.

Wireless connectivity (3G/4G)

Add additional redundancy by incorporating 3G/4G/LTE connections.

Customizable QoS

Enable LAN-to-CORE Quality of Service.

MPLS alternative for multi-site WANs

Eliminate the need for MPLS – especially for remote customers.

Link failure notification

Get an alert when a connection fails so you can troubleshoot immediately.

Bonding. Like Never Before.

We’re not wearing tuxedos for nothing. MI6 would be proud to have come up with such an exceptional technology. Multapplied’s Bonded Internet™ takes bonding one step further than traditional bonding by allowing customers to mix and match technologies. Now, customers can bond a DSL to a T1, or to a Cable connection, or to an Ethernet connection, or.. (well, you get the picture).

Failover, that doesn’t actually fail over!

Normally, if your customer had a disaster-proof network, failover would require a change of DNS. But Bonded Internet™ makes link balancing obsolete by maintaining the public IP address on failover. That’s right, same-IP failover is here, with Bonded Internet™.

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