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Multi-Carrier Bonding

Bond any number of connections – of the same, or different types.


Accelerate applications to improve bandwidth usability.

Same-IP Failover

Fail-over from one connection to the next, without changing the public IP address.

Wireless connectivity (3G/4G)

Add additional redundancy by incorporating 3G/4G/LTE connections.


Enable LAN-to-CORE Quality of Service.

MPLS alternative for multi-site WANs

Eliminate the need for MPLS – especially for remote customers.

Link failure notification

Get an alert when a connection fails so you can troubleshoot immediately.

Win More Customers.

With Multapplied’s Bonded Internet product, you can service customers in markets you’ve never before been able to. With very little work, you can have a network presence around the globe, and sell off-net links where necessary in order to increase your revenue and your brand’s geographical dominance.

Solve Customer Issues Profitably.

Quickest Bonded Internet wins are when you’re able to dig through your tickets, find issues related to bandwidth, network reliability, or quality of service and offer Bonded Internet. We’ll help you package up your products and manage your campaigns.

Manage and Monitor Off-Net Links.

Bonded Internet allows you  to easily sell off-net links and claim them as your own. Set up SNMP to monitor and manage alerts and open trouble tickets with the off-net provider. Buy wholesale, sell retail, bond with your own links (or not), and steal customers.

Increase Network Footprint.

Looking to expand? Need capital? Not any more. Because you can easily sell off-net and claim those links as your own with Bonded Internet, you can now create a live business case for expansion with very little overhead costs.

Lengthen ROI on your Copper Facilities.

Stuck selling copper in some areas? No sweat. With Bonded Internet, you can bond multiple connections and achieve the aggregated throughput (unlike MLPPP) of those links. Or, just turn on our compression/acceleration algorithm to increase the burstable speed of the connection.

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