Any way you slice it, network uptime is one of the biggest concerns of any organization currently using applications in the cloud.

Multapplied Networks makes uptime a sure-thing with Same-IP Fail-Over – a feature of its advanced bonding solution called Bonded Internet™.

Advanced Bonding

Bond Internet and WAN links without the limitations of MLPPP.

Always up

Mix and Match Connections from multiple providers for increased uptime.

End-to-End Quality of Service

Monitor and Manage traffic and links to provide end-to-end, dynamic Quality of Service

Sleep Easy

Rest up. Customers get the peace-of-mind that their network meets their requirements.

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Plug it in, and reap the rewards.

ISPs get full control of both on-net and off-net links. Simply install the software on any X86 CPE, plug in connections, use the dashboard to configure the service, and voila!  Once in place, your clients will be able to take advantage of faster speeds, increased resilience, and end-to-end application quality.

  • Bandwidth 100%
  • Reliability 100%
  • Application Quality 100%